February 29

The United And Intelligent Army

I have more understanding than all my teachers: for Thy testimonies are my
meditation. Ps. 119:99.

Leaders… should be men and women of quick intuitions, who have the Spirit of
God to aid them in reading character, who have managing ability, who can
understand different phases of character, and display tact and wisdom in dealing
with varied minds. There are many who can fill the place of superintendent in
name, but what is needed is men who can fill the place in every sense of the word.
There are many who can go through the form cleverly enough; but they fail to
impart courage and hope, to inspire thought, to quicken energy, and to impart such
life that… become a living, growing power for good.
The gospel minister is accordingly to be decently informed in the practical
pursuits of life and to be expert in at least one thing. Certainly any preacher getting
ten per cent (the tithe) of a farmer’s income, should study to become capable of
helping him to improve his farming methods in a practical way should ever the
occasion arise. In short, he should be competent to assist the members of his church
in organizing, correcting, or improving their work and business. Jesus taught His
disciples not only to pray, to preach and practice the Truth, to give and forgive, but
also to serve, to fish, to feed and clothe, and to pay bills in a business-like way.
Thus we see that true religion does indeed consist of something more than
merely praying, fasting, giving, and preaching; and that it most certainly does not
include “begging”.
The members of the Kingdom-church, are, according to Isaiah, to be skilled in
their respective trades and professions. As builders, engineers, carpenters, masons,
mechanics, or whatever, they are to “build the old wastes… raise up the former
desolations, and… repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.” Isa.
61:4. They are also to be animal husbandmen, vinegrowers, expert agriculturists.
And as such, they are to be skilled in the science of management, employing
thousands of aliens…. Showing that, “the more intelligent a man becomes, the more
should religious influence be radiating from him….”
Besides being skilled agronomists, artisans, and tradesmen, these governors of
the Kingdom, as living embodiments of genuine Christianity, are to be expert
international bankers, economists, personnel and traffic engineers, and
provisioners, together handling “the forces” and “the riches of the Gentiles.” Isa. 6:5,
11; 61:6. And thus variously equipped with these excellent proficiencies, they are,
above all, to be “Priests of the Lord…. Ministers of our God” — “men wondered at.”
Isa. 61:6; Zech. 3:8.
God’s true people will indeed be “a great people and a strong; there hath not
been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many
generations.” [Joel 2:2]. They will indeed be a perfectly united army!

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