February 27

United By Right Doing

The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations…. 2 Pet. 2:9.

A righteous man does not go around seeking “pity from others, neither does he
pity himself; he refuses to waste time blaming others for unpleasant situations or
reverses or limitations; neither does he expect praise for his deeds of worth. He
never blows his own horn. It is enough for him to know that he is serving God, that
God will reward him openly.”
His decisions in all matters are… based on sound logic and reason, not on
emotions, partiality, or on “respect of persons,” nor on selfish gain. God’s way is
always his measuring rod. He therefore never lives in regret of anything but his sins.
He is not known to vacillate. He changes his mind only when he finds himself
wrong or mistaken. He is indeed the David of the day. He is steady and dependable
in whatever he is given to do, and ever accepts correction.
He does not resent criticism, but is grateful for it and puts into use all that is
constructive. He makes no excuses for his blunders, but uses them as stepping
stones to improvement. He has unshakable courage.
He forgets the past, and is always pressing for the high mark ahead. He therefore
does all he can to remedy the cause of his troubles, and what cannot be remedied he
accepts and adjusts himself to. He is the Moses of the day. He may fall seven times a
day, but he quickly arises and runs ahead, and is ever hoping and watching God’s
Through faith and experience he is confident that God is leading him and that
He will freely give the wisdom and strength needed to cope with even the most
trying of life’s problems. In this respect he is like Ruth, the Moabitess. He never lets
an opportunity slip by, and he has perfect peace of mind.
His mind is set to win and advance the Kingdom of God and, therefore, he fears
neither hunger nor death. He is not at all anxious for the future. He never
complains in his infirmities; he is ever thankful and conscious that there are
thousands of cases worse than his. He knows that he cannot die if God wants him
living, and that he cannot live if God wants him dead. He is the Job and he is the
Paul of the day. He patiently waits, knowing that… every dark, gloomy, and stormy
cloud has also a bright silver-lined side, and ever looks on the bright side.
He knows that “God giveth to a man that is good in His sight wisdom, and
knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner He giveth travail, to gather and to heap up,
that he may give to him that is good before God….” Ecc. 2:26.

February 26

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February 28

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